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Specialty Bridal Design & Lingerie

Handmade in Italy

All materials are hand picked by you and the designer to create your dream dress.

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Dress making

How does it work:

1. The first meeting: you will talk to the designer, she will ask you questions while you look through a design book to find your true style.

2. The second meeting: you will be provided with a few sketches and fabric options. We will also take measurements.

3. Fitting 1

4. Fitting 2: usually the final fitting, but some complicated projects need additional fittings.

5. Last meeting: you will try on your dress for the final time in our shop.





Stefanie decided to branch out into bridal design after difficulty finding her own bridal gown. When shopping for a wedding dress, it was difficult finding a dress in natural fibers. There was also a long wait, three months, even for a retail dress. Stefanie is providing a faster service with a more personal touch. She first gets to know your individual style, then provides you with multiple design options to choose from.

It is an intimate time in your life, the process of making your dream gown should be as well. Step by step you work with Stefanie to create your perfect dress.

Custom wedding Gowns

Bridal Garment Specialist

A service for the Bride! The day of the wedding can be stressful, with this service the bride can enjoy and relax while getting ready for this special moment. A professional steams the wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride dress. They will also mend any loose beads, threads or trims on the dresses. Then she helps the bride get dressed and get ready to walk down the isle.

Underskirt to give shape and fullness to the wedding gown.

Lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon.

Beading, fabric overlay, lace, trims and other embellishments.

Select from a large variety of high quality natural fiber fabrics such as silks, viscos and cottons.



Flower Design



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Luxury Lingerie


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